Holos awarded $750,000 SBIR Phase II Contract from U.S. Air Force

Holos awarded $750,000 SBIR Phase II Contract from U.S. Air Force

Holos awarded $750,000 SBIR Phase II Contract from U.S. Air Force for AR/VR Training and Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2)

Under the AFWERX Phase II SBIR contract, Holos, an AR/VR education and training platform, will provide its technology to internal Air Force organizations for the development of virtual reality maintenance and repair training programs. Holos will also develop a prototype for a Multi-Domain Command Control (MDC2) system.

During this program, 412TH TEST WING (AFMC) at Edwards Air Force Base and Holos will co-develop a virtual maintenance and repair training system for the F-35.

Technical Sergeant Jeremy Neilson of Edwards Air Force Base has stated that “in the evolving dynamic of military operations; supplementing captured individual career experiences/lessons using virtual/augmented reality has vast potential to invest in tomorrow’s Airmen through experience-based training, not simply knowledge and inconsistent career exposure. The initial investment in augmented/virtual reality has reached a point technologically that potentially justifies long-term utility that will make current methods of training obsolete.”

Holos will also collaborate with Major Scott Van De Water of Air University to develop a Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) Prototype. Air University Library has a national defense-related mission need in the area of military professional education and training, and furtherance of multi-domain command and control. Specifically, to facilitate research, education and training, and complex system visualization, they require software which will be capable of displaying large cloud-based data sets (including videos, text, images, 3D objects, etc.) for consumption by a faculty, staff and students, and warfighters on a myriad of devices on demand.

Four-star Air Force general and Chief of Staff of the Air Force David Goldfein has stated that multi-domain operations are the “single most critical tool for winning future high-end fights” and that they are on a timeline to take it from concept to doctrine in a year or two.

“With this trajectory, the Department of Defense will eventually be able to use Holos’ interaction system and interface to control an integrated water, land, air, space, and cyber future battle-space. This could bring the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and cyber-security battle operations together under one unified platform,” according to Dan Borkhus, Chief Executive Officer of Holos.

Holos, a Madison-based software company, is committed to making learning fun, and to improve outcomes along the way. Holos is an AR/VR education and training platform. Holos uses a natural hand, eye, and voice-based input system to enable anyone to create immersive learning experiences with grab-and-drop simplicity, allowing them to combine traditional 2D content (pictures, videos, audio, text) with 3D models and animations together in a cohesive arrangement in 3D space. Holos is making it easy for teachers, students, and Air Force personnel to create and share their own immersive learning experiences so that they can learn by doing, rather than just reading or listening. For more information, visit https://holos.io/.

Contact: Dan Borkhus, CEO, Holos, Inc. dan@holos.io

SOURCE: Holos, Inc.