The Lost Vision of VR

The Lost Vision of VR

Hello everyone. Hello VR enthusiasts, visionaries, creatives, and explorers of realms.

We are writing to you today because you were promised a vision of VR that was quietly lost over the past couple of years.

Virtual reality used to be about having an interface to your ideal world, allowing you to see whatever, create whatever, and have incredibly personal and empowering experiences. The last part of that vision, sadly, has been lost. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here to bring to you.

After over two years of observing, studying, and formulating, we’ve crafted a platform that’s centered around you. While other platforms scramble to put forth content that showcases their own vision of VR, we have come to understand exactly what you need to better your own experience in virtual reality:

Importing and launching your VR content from any source, including Oculus Home, Steam, and your hard drive, allowing you to have complete control over your VR content.

Picking your homespace and then customizing your space with a growing library of distributed items, giving you a chance to not only make your space totally unique, but to also support asset creators in a fair and sustainable way.

Adding real utility to your space using our card-based web app system. Not only can you find and add cards to your space, but you can also create new cards using super-friendly web standards and distribute your creation to every other Holos user. Right now, it’s small widget-like web apps, but soon, this will become a powerful ecosystem of full web-based apps. But that’s not all; these cards can also transport you straight into immersive WebVR experiences.

We believe you should be able to move freely in VR while always having quick and easy access to your favorite content, whether it be native VR experiences or content from the web. That’s why we’re introducing our cross-platform Hands-On interface. There’s no more laser pointer or flat menus; being able to move and use your hands to freely interact with your virtual world is something that should be innate to your home VR experience.

We know we can’t build this vision of the future of VR alone; that’s why we need you. We’ll stick to what we do best, building a framework centered about openness and expansion and you can focus on creating your own meaningful space in VR.

We’ve crafted an amazing team dedicated to bringing you the tools that you need to have to create this incredibly personal space in VR. There’s Josh, who has put in countless hours into this vision because he believes so adamantly in this concept. There’s Graham, who has created so many amazing concepts of what a system like this looks like and how we interact with it. There’s Carter, who has stayed up endless nights to get the experience just right. And lastly, there’s Darpan who is dedicated to creating a universally accessible experience that extends outside of VR.

We do this because we believe that VR isn’t truly VR until we empower the individual to create their own world in VR. This is for you. Click here to request early access to our Beta. Feel free to chat with us on website, by commenting below, or by emailing either of us directly at or

To the future, and to being the champion of our own vision, together —

Tyler & Dan

Co-Founders, Holos