Why Holos is about you.

Play a direct role in the development of Holos by deciding what we build next.

When we first started Holos, we made it our mission to be the homespace that everyone could see themselves in. We wanted to build an ecosystem around that goal to allow each person to bring their own style and preferences into their virtual space; an ecosystem that lets you do things your way. We believe that VR gives us the opportunity to finally make technology personal in a way that’s never been done before. Why would we start out in VR in a store when we could start out form our own, personal home?

We launched our Alpha in late April and we’ve been continuing to refine our product and roadmap ever since. Our users are loving the ability to bring web apps into their space, and our developer friends are coming up with great ideas to bring even more web content into your homespace. It’s been great to let everyone jump in and test things out.

As we’ve been preparing for our Beta, we realized something. If we’re building a product for people that want to create their own home in VR, then we need to make it as easy as possible for them to decide what we work on next. That’s why from today forward, we’re fully committing to developing features suggested and voted on by the community.

We’ve set up a Trello board where you can suggest features, vote for the ones that you like, and see which ones we’ve started working on. Check it out:

Our Trello board, all neat and tidy! Click on it to add your feature request.
Our Trello board, all neat and tidy! Click on it to add your feature request.

We hope that by directly suggesting new features and improvements, Holos will become closer and closer to being a place that you can call home. Head over to the board today to add a feature you’ve dreamed up or to upvote one that’s already there. We’re just laying the foundation, but you’re the one that gets to decide what does into your home.

So, welcome home. Welcome, to Holos.

Tyler Waite

Co-Founder, Holos, Inc.