Holos Accepted into Japan-based SmartCityX Program

Holos will have the chance to conduct business directly with some of Japan's top corporations, including Japan Airlines, Suzuki, and JR East.

Holos Accepted into Japan-based SmartCityX Program

SmartCityX is an immersive year-long program aims to advance smart city innovation by uncovering breakthrough technologies in Consumer Products and Services, Mobility, Smart Buildings, and Connectivity. Recognizing the critical role technology plays in helping cities reach net zero emissions by 2050, this year's program expanded the applicant pool to include cutting-edge innovations in the areas of Sustainability and Climate Change.

Holos will take part in a global kickoff event in mid-March, which includes 1:1 matching meetings between startups and corporate partners. We will be exploring  opportunities for collaboration during this initial phase of the program and will announce partnerships in July at Demo Day in July.

We'll be able to have 1:1 conversations with some amazing organizations:

We’ll be looking to work with program partners who can help us bring early adopters, content creators, and progressive organizations onto our platform.

Holos has been successful in attracting R&D dollars (~$900k) within the government space and continues to move forward on new contracting vehicles and uncovering new customers within the DoD. Participation in the SmartCityX programs marks our start into the broader enterprise market. Also in 2022, Holos will be opening up the platform to the consumer market, enabling instructors to monetize their knowledge in VR and for learners to learn amazing new things in incredibly engaging new ways.

In 2022, we are focusing on bringing experiences such as fitness, training, geography, and travel to our platform. By the end of the year, we are aiming to launch 30 courses in the consumer market with 1,500 enrollments.

We are excited to meet with these amazing companies and look forward to piloting new ideas in spatial computing!